Our hardened Access Points are ready to be deployed at your location. When combined with our iQCONNECT
software the options are limitless in providing for safety, tracking, connectivity and additional support for legacy equipment. With ROI in mind our Mining solutions ensure each customer package meets the needs now, and those needed in the near future. 

Defense & Homeland Security

Ready to deploy, field proven, defense electronics and homeland security solutions based on high-end technologies for strategic and tactical operations. This includes citizen security, Border/Coastal Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Enterprise Hardware Solutions

​​​​​​Wireless Carrier

​Grade Solutions


Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities
 and other Industry verticals are suffering growing pains as we move through this transition to a connected environment. These small to medium business suffer from having a large amount of legacy equipment, and poor connectivity. At iQCOMM we have ruggedized wireless hardware specifically tailored to meet the needs of these markets meeting industry standards, with robust connectivity.

Our People Make the Difference

Here at iQCOMM we have taken wireless to the next level. With prior experience in developing products for defense, industrial markets and commercial applications with 1000's of units sold. We have now applied that knowledge and experience to providing best in class wireless products, and solution packages for various enterprise markets. Our products also come with an industry leading​ 2-Year Limited Warranty. Also unlike many competitors our products are made right here in North America following strict Quality Assurance guidelines, and industry recognized manufacturing standards. 

Our Open Platform Technology

We are combining the latest in l eading edge standards and creating solutions capable of filling voids currently left by other vendors in the market place. We call this Open Platform . So instead of  just plain vanilla WiFi hardware from other vendors based on standard industry norms. Open platform gives our customers an open path to evolving wireless standards and frequencies.

With Open Platform the Base Stations are capable of operating in multiple frequency bands. Robust, and Carrier Class these units are designed to handle your needs now and into the future with quality and capacities exceeding other vendors standard units. Capable of providing for LOS, NLOS & BLOS connectivity, over large and small areas alike. Within locations our iQConnected Nodes can also augment any machines connectivity with the same quality as our standard carrier class equipment.